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Mr-Ruble is an immediate payment gateway located in Russia , you can buy Ruble with lowest exchange rate possible and recieve it in no time

  • Lowest rate guarantee
  • Fast transactions
  • Cash payment in Russia
  • Bank draft to companies and students bank account
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Thu, Dec 3, 2020 11:13 AM

Price of one Ruble is between 175 - 180Tomans

Price of one Dollars is between 11,590 - 11,640Tomans

Price of one Lira is between 2,014 - 2,034Tomans

Price of one Euro is between 12,795 - 12,845Tomans

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    Tell us your personal information and the amount of ruble you need

  • Immediate check and announcing price

    We we call you after reviewing your request and announce you the best price possible

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    After sending your money and documents we will perform the transaction and give money to you in cash or draft

Why to use Mr-Ruble?

Fastest transaction

We will submit your request in no time and you will get your money in cash or draft

Lowest rate

We always provide lowest exchange rate for our loyal customers

Buy and Sell

You can buy ruble from us and also sell your ruble to us with the best rate possible

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  • Latest ruble buy and sell rates

    We will review latest transaction real-time and will inform you best price possible , We do not set the price , we just estimate it based on latest transaction

  • Immediate request submission

    You can submit your request from our mobile app . we will review your order and contact you as soon as possible

  • 24 hours support

    We are by your side from the beginning of your transaction untill the end . do not worry about anything

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Why people chose Mr-Ruble?

Every day parents of students call us for help with sending money to their children in russia, So we decided to use our experience in minor and major financial activities and help them , We are not currency exchanger company we just want to help you.

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